Highest Paying Jobs in Palm Beach County

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It's really no surprise that some of the professions in the healthcare industry rank pretty high on the Top Paying Jobs in Palm Beach County list. Some more rather predictable high earners in our area fall in the computer and engineering category. However, what we found very interesting is that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction occupations squeezed in at an impressive #13 on the list.

The Bureau categorizes all 800 professions into specific sectors, the list had 22 categories total. Now some people may argue that 13th on a list of 22 isn't all that exciting, but consider the fact that only within this past decade, the construction industry took a huge plummet to only having 11% of all employed professionals. That was even lower to the 13% of professionals who worked in waste management at the time. Just to compare, grounds cleaning and maintenance is now 20th on the list today.

What does all of this mean for you?

Well, it means there are jobs out there waiting for you. Not only are companies looking for temporary labor workers everyday, but the pay is increasing as well. Now is the time to jump into the construction industry for a higher pay rate!

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