Top 6 Current Construction Trends

Top 6 Current Construction Trends

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3D printing

While additive manufacturing isn’t entirely new, its rapidly-growing use in the construction industry is. The advantages of this method for printing infrastructure such as concrete is quick construction, low cost, and a great deal less waste being produced. 3D printing could play a huge role in the production of low-cost housing in impoverished and war-torn areas; only the necessary raw materials are produced for such products, and 3D printer ‘ink’ can be created with recycled plastic. 3D printing of buildings is also well on its way to being used for off-planet habitats on Mars and the Moon, to the extent that NASA plans to use sintering techniques on lunar dust, enabling construction without the difficult transportation of materials from Earth.

Green building

While sustainability is an old concept, the features and technology which allow it to evolve are constantly growing apace. Solar panels and plumbing fixtures which save water, once costly and as such considered a luxury, are affordable and widely-used... Continue reading the full story from Global Construction here.