Recent Grads Outnumber Seasoned Laborers

Recent Grads Outnumber Seasoned Laborers

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A new study from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce shows that new college graduates arenow outnumbering labor works with a high school diploma or less. This is the first time in history that college grads have taken up more jobs in the construction industry than those without a degree. The news comes after Georgetown discovered those with a high school diploma or less dropped five percent since 2007

What’s Changed?

There are a few reasons the scale tipped in college grads’ favor:

  • People are going back and getting their degreespexels-photo-64609
  • There are fewer jobs for young adults entering the workforce, forcing them into labor jobs.
  • New technology is pushing people out of their once stead career
  • People with just a high school diploma or less were hit the hardest during the economy crash (over 5 million people lost their job)
  • Once the economy got stronger and more jobs opened up, new college grads were hired over veteran labor workers
  • New graduates are willing to work for less money than a seasoned, skilled laborer

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