5 Safety Tips Laborers Must Know

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Construction workers often have risky projects. They use large tools, are often high off the ground, and work long hours while consistently outside. At Skilled Resources, safety is always our top priority. We ensure all of our workers are properly trained and equipped to conquer each day on the job. We offer all of our laborers OSHA safety training to ensure they get the best training available.

Whether you haven’t been OSHA certified yet or you just need a touch up on some safety lessons, here are the top 5 safety tips for labor workers.

  1. Be aware of everyone around you. Even if the people you’re working with are knowledgeable about the project, it’s construction-workers-mediumeasy to get distracted or have an off day.
  2. Test your tools! Always make sure your tools and equipment are working properly. Make sure to test them often, especially if you haven’t used them in a while.
  3. Keep your working space clean and danger free for everyone else on the job. Some of us like to work in organized chaos. We have a system that works, even if others don’t understand it. Just keep in mind that even if an area seems safe to you, it may not be for others.
  4. Always wear the proper safety gear. Don’t even walk into a hazardous area without your helmet and gloves. Facemasks are also important when you’re working with certain materials. Even if something looks silly, your safety is more important.
  5. In case of an emergency, seek medical attention ASAP. Sure, you can handle the pain, but don’t risk your health by ignoring any injuries. We often rather finish a job than leave early to see a doctor, don’t be that stubborn!

Moral of the story, act on the procedures you already know. It’s better to take the extra time to be safe than rush and hurt yourself or someone else.