South Florida Needs Laborers!

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The Associated General Contractors of America conducted a survey that shows 61 percent of builders are having trouble filling skilled worker positions. The highest shortages of positions are machine operators, certified drivers and carpenters. The survey adds they’re lacking management laborers as well, such as project managers and supervisors as well.

Some ways the construction industry in South Florida is trying to battle this issue are raising the skilled laborers salary and bringing in workers from other areas of the state. If you’re a laborer in South Florida, only one of those solutions is appealing. While we think we can all agree higher pay is a plus, it’s not always ideal for our South Florida laborers to hear other workers are coming into your job market.

Rest assured that everyone here at Labor for Hire pride in bettering our communities and strengthening our job market by hiring laborers right here in South Florida. Our local market is thriving, adding over 26,000 jobs for construction workers and we’re excited to help you find a labor job.