5 Myths about Millennials in Construction

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5 Myths about Millennials in Construction 

  1. They’re Lazy

This generation has gotten a bad rap about their work ethic. Between politics and the media, it’s hard to ignore the labels our society is putting on these young people. Maybe you’ve heard they’re often spoiled, whiny, don’t like to work hard, lack direction, depend too much on other, and a number of other insults. However, based on our experience with this age group, we couldn’t disagree more. Our young labor workers are among the hardest working people on the job sites. They crave new challenges, like to push themselves, and always demand to learn new things. We’re proud of our millennial laborers and value their work.

  1. They want Constant Acknowledgement

It’s become notable that many millennials (say that five times fast) do tend to want and need more feedback, but it’s not always for the glory. More often than not, it’s simply because they don’t want to get comfortable with being average. They want to know what they may be doing wrong or what they can do to improve. They constantly want to learn more. They’re at a stage in their life where they’re a sponge and want to soak up all the information they can. It’s often due to being curious, not an attention-seeker.

  1. They’re Entitled

Millinnials want to make a meaningful impact on the world, and they know that start within their daily lives and the work they do. Often their eagerness and enthusiasm is mistaken for arrogance or entitlement. They want to participate and contribute in more ways than they’re used to, they are a generation that knows you have to fail to get better. So if they seem like they’re jumping the gun or doing things on their own the first go-around, they’re merely trying to problem solve and work it out themselves.

  1. They Can’t Keep a Steady Job

This actually may be slightly true. Young adults these days don’t want to waste their time working for a company or in a field they’re not passionate about. Again, they want to try to make a difference in the world. It’s not that certain jobs are beneath them or they’re expecting to soar their way to the top, it’s because they’re trying to find their own path in the world. May we add that temporary labor jobs may be the perfect solution to this?! Think about it, you get to try different jobs with different people in different places, yet have the security of a consistent paycheck! Problem solved.

  1. They Don’t Care about Money

Umm.. who doesn’t care about money?! Money is very important to millennials. Not only because they need it to live a responsible life, but statistically, they’re carrying around much more debt than previous generations. Some people think just because more young adults are still living at home, taking public transportation, and not following the norms of daily living, that they don’t want money. This is just false.