Job of the Month- Rough Carpenter

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Job of the Month- Rough Carpenter

If you didn’t realize there was more than one type of carpenter, you’re not alone. We often get asked, what’s different about a Rough Carpenter and a regular Carpenter? Good question! Let us explain it to you.

A carpenter is responsible for designing, building, installing, and repairing structures, fixtures, furniture, and other items, often using different types of materials such as wood and steel.

Rough Carpenters on the other hand, build rough wooden structures, such as concrete forms, scaffolds, tunnel, bridge, or sewer supports, billboard signs, and temporary frame shelters, according to sketches, blueprints, or oral instructions. They are also experts at building temporary structures in order to hold up worksite spaces.

Duties Include:

  • Measure materials or distances, using square, measuring tape, or rule to lay out work.
  • Study blueprints and diagrams to determine dimensions of structure or form to be constructed.
  • Cut or saw boards, timbers, or plywood to required size, using handsaw, power saw, or woodworking machine.
  • Mark cutting lines on materials, using pencil and scriber.

If you’re looking for a rough carpentry job, check out the positions we have available in your area