Job of the Month Info!

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You may have noticed something new on our site! The past few months that we have dedicated an article to a particular construction job position. We do this for a couple of reasons.

  1. We get asked various questions regarding some of our job positions and the details surrounding them. These articles are a way that we can address these questions to other people who may be wondering the same thing. For example, we often get asked, what’s the difference between a carpenter, rough carpenter, and finish carpenter. Now anyone else who wants to learn more about the different types of carpentry, can read all about it in our January Job of the Month post!
  2. We also like to use our Job of the Month posts to showcase jobs and positions that are in demand for our clients. There might be a time that a company needs an abundance of painters for a large job. At times, multiple companies are looking for the same type of work all at once. This happened last summer when it seemed like everyone was in need of a Project Manager!

This is a great way to get information out to you guys and give everyone a heads up about jobs that are in high demand. We’re getting so much great feedback about this new addition to our blog and want to thank you for being a part of the Labor for Hire team. With that said, if you ever have questions or want to know about a job position, please let us know and we might be able to showcase your labor job next!