A Special LFH Spotlight!

A Special LFH Spotlight!

By | July 6th , 2017

Congratulations to Mr. Jerry Flint! You are the reason LFH is so special!

These are the type of individuals that Labor for Hire strives to employ and retain. This is a huge compliment from one of our top 5 clients for us as well as Jerry Flint.

We just wanted to take a minute to pass on an amazing compliment that LFH received about an exemplary worker.

Jerry Flint has been working for our client Moss & Associates a little over 2 years out of our Lake Worth branch.  They recently had a huge event on a jobsite. Mr. Flint was involved in directing traffic and showing individuals where to park. Mr. Flint went as far as helping a very lost and confused person by paying for their parking at the meter because this individual did not have change for the meter. This made a lasting impression and made their day.


 Mr. Flint (middle) on the job!


Mr. Flint was recognized by the staff at the project wide safety meeting and rewarded with a $100 gift card for being an outstanding ambassador for the company. He was the main traffic control person and with his help everything in regards to traffic control went smoothly and efficiently. Mr. Flint will also be spotlighted in Moss’s next newsletter, as well as LFH website.