Why is OSHA Training So Important?

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It’s hard to believe now, but the construction crews building the Empire State Building, the electricians wiring cities across the country, and acrobats working on the Golden Gate and Brooklyn Bridges, did not have safety regulations in place as they did their jobs. Today, we couldn’t imagine working in those potentially hazardous conditions without a “safety net,” so to speak. And thanks to organizations like OSHA, we don’t have to. OSHA training is a must. Why?



  • OSHA certified workers create safer workplaces. Effective safety programs reduce the rate of injury and illness by as much as 20 percent. When you have trained people, and when you make safety an area of accountability, you get the buy-in you need to ensure accidents and incidents are significantly decreased.


  • Safety is good for the bottom line. Preventable injuries and illnesses pose a significant risk for companies. When there is stringent safety and OSHA training in place, organizations reduce lost time, insurance costs, workers’ compensation claims, and legal expenses. It’s estimated that companies can recoup four to six times their initial safety training investment.


  • It’s good for your reputation. Word spreads fast in the business world, and if you are known to run unsafe sites, you’re not going attract and retain the talent you need to succeed. Further, clients and customers will not trust you to complete the job without delays and complications. Your safety record can either be a liability or a competitive differentiator. You decide.


An OSHA trained labor force is a key asset. From a financial and human resource point of view, it just makes sense. Fortunately, it is also relatively easy. Today, virtual courses, such as Online OSHA Safety Training, provide a cost-effective and streamlined way to educate people on OSHA essentials and proper procedures.

Safety is a top priority, every day and on every job. OSHA certified workers keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.