4 Tips For Applying To Temporary Jobs

4 Tips For Applying To Temporary Jobs

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When looking for temporary jobs, there are a few broad steps you have to follow. You'd think the first thing to do would be to simply send your resume to as many places as you can. Yet human resources personnel are often inundated with resumes, and yours may end up in the shredding pile. Here's what you do instead:


  1. Browse the list of temporary positions available. Visit reputable firms that supply temporary workers (online or in-person) and browse the open jobs. Don't be afraid to set some requirements: do you want a temporary job that can lead to permanent positions? Skilled work? Focus where you want to go. These will be the places that are looking for someone like you as much as you're looking for them.


  1. Tailor resumes. Now, when you're looking for a job, you're often trying to balance quantity of applications with tailoring each. You don't necessarily need to do this. Instead, have multiple versions of your resumes. If you're applying to jobs in carpentry, you don't need need to tailor each resume for each different company. However, you will want to choose the one tailored to carpentry as an industry.


  1. A cover letter should be more specific. It doesn't need to be an epic, but take the time to mention your relevant experience and the strengths you can bring to the job – from both an experience and personality perspective. Also show a passion for why you want this particular job. Express that it's something you want, and the hirer might be more inclined to want you back.


  1. Know the best way to apply. For temporary jobs, the best way to find them in the first place is through a job placement company. You'll often have options; choose which one is best for you.


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