How To Choose A Labor Staffing Agency

How To Choose A Labor Staffing Agency

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Choosing Your Staffing Agency

Finding the right labor staffing agency is often a question of seeing which ones are in your area and provide the types of of temporary workers that you need. Yet it goes a little deeper than this. You don’t want “temp” -- you want “great.” Here’s how to get it.


  • Take a look at the jobs you want to fill and the level of skill they require. When it comes to applicant screening, some staffing agencies use simple computer testing. This is typically sufficient if you need to fill a position that requires specific skills. Other agencies conduct personal interviews and evaluations. If your needs are more complex, look for an agency that has a comprehensive screening process. Look also for the range of employees you require: skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled and see if the agency staffs workers in your specific field (e.g. construction, carpentry, shipping, janitorial, etc.).
  • Think about cost. The labor staffing agency will either take a percentage of an employee’s pay as compensation or they will charge a fee. Ask which method your agency uses. Be aware that unskilled or semi-skilled labor can mean $9 - $18 per hour in fees, and that increases for skilled labor. Make sure you are clear about how the agency charges so you can get the best employee -- and the best value.
  • See how the agency recruits its workforce. Does it recruit those looking for temporary employment by offering good working conditions, training, and fast placement with reputable companies? Does it retain workers by delivering on these promises? Take a look on sites like Glassdoor and Yelp to see how the agency really does in terms of its employees.


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