How Hurricanes Impact Construction Jobs

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Construction Jobs After A Hurricane

Hurricane Irma caused a great deal of damage to Florida. Winds and flooding were severe. They upended people's lives and destroyed both homes and businesses. Yet in the wake of a natural disaster, there also comes opportunity. History says that construction jobs will see a spike, but this will take some time to be fully realized.

Temporary Job Growth

In the first few months after a hurricane, construction job growth may experience a slowdown. This will be similar across many fields. Damage is being assessed and contracts are being hammered out. That needs to happen before hiring occurs and boots-on-the-ground work begins.

Temporary jobs in construction will surge first, and now's the time to start getting your name out there with companies that can help you get them. If you can get your foot in the door first, you can potentially enjoy regular employment for some time to come. After most hurricanes, the following year saw considerable job growth in the construction industry.

How Big Will the Spike Be?

The more funds that are directed into rebuilding, the better. A big part of the equation is the response of the federal and state governments. Much of the surge in construction jobs will be dictated by the powers that be, but people and businesses need to rebuild regardless. Government spending on rebuilding simply tells us whether the growth in the industry will take considerable time or be more immediate. It may also make the difference in the size of the surge.

After all modern hurricanes, temporary jobs in construction have spiked for months and sometimes even years afterward. Many of those jobs turn into permanent positions, and many others offered sustained income for temp workers.

Hurricane Irma was devastating, but we see the need for rebuilding all around us. The jobs that are needed to accomplish this will start coming in soon. Make sure you've applied and submitted a resume to labor agencies that can help you secure these jobs.

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