How to Find Qualified Skilled Labor

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Find Qualified Skilled Labor

A strange phenomenon has gripped the construction industry. Despite the unemployment rate, it is often challenging to find the right worker for the right job. There's a shortage of skilled labor for hire in the industry. The average age of skilled workers is 55, forcing us to face the reality that many key employees are about to retire.


Labor Shortage

Welders and electricians are some of the most difficult spots to fill. So how do you find qualified skilled labor for hire? The answer is to develop relationships with labor staffing companies that specialize in finding this kind of talent.


A Nose for Talent

Yes, you could do the work yourself, but this requires spending your own time, labor, and resources seeking out talent. You're also not necessarily trained for a human resources task like this. Companies that have built businesses out of the ability to seek out and coordinate skilled labor already have the ability to do this in a cost-effective manner. Furthermore, fees are generally taken out of the contracts they find you.


Time Saver

Another benefit of this approach is that labor agencies enable you to be more flexible with balancing temporary help, temp-for-hire, and permanent positions. They do the work of sorting through qualifications and abilities. They can refine the candidates you're offered by OSHA safety training and job-specific experience and ability. This will help whittle down who will fit best. They can narrow your candidates for different positions down to the best options. That saves you a lot of time you'd otherwise spend reviewing and shifting the mountain of unqualified applicants to the side.

This is a modern approach to seeking out skilled labor for hire that can help you cast a wider net for workers while avoiding unsuitable applicants. If you're building a skyscraper, you work with qualified construction workers who have done it before. If you're building your business, you work with a qualified labor search company that has done it before.