The Advantages of Using Contract Labor for a Flexible Workforce

The Advantages of Using Contract Labor for a Flexible Workforce

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Many across the industry are taking a look at the landscape and wondering how to stay competitive while keeping the cost of labor low. In today’s climate, your best bet is in finding the right independent contractors and contract laborer for your project.

How Does an Independent Contractor Help Keep Costs low?

An independent contractor helps keep your costs low by only being in attendance onsite when they are needed. Simply put, utilizing independent contractors helps you stay within budget by cutting traditional employee costs such as medical insurance, employment taxes, paid holidays, sick leave and so on. These budget friendly cuts could save you 20 percent in labor expenses, keeping your overhead costs low. 


What is the benefit of using a contract labor force?

Contract labor helps you run a “tight ship.” Using highly skilled labor for certain aspects of your project and non-skilled labor other aspects will help your bottom line. For example, you can utilize highly skilled, licensed, bonded and insured tradesmen to offset the cost of having to cover additional expenses. Contract labor can be used to do other jobs like set up and cleanup of a construction site. With this resource at your fingertips, you are not only in control of your projects schedule, you are in control of where your labor force budget goes by knowing when they will be needed and when they won’t. This keeps you flexible and worry-free of having to pay workers on days work can’t be done or isn’t being done.

Won’t it cost me more money in the long run to use contract labor?

Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding no, it can actually save you money. Who you need will always depend on what your project requires, and so you can request highly skilled tradesmen for aspects that require expertise or less skilled workers to do simple things. All workers are OSHA trained, giving you the peace of mind you want from your workers while saving money.

If you are looking for help in keeping your costs low while having a quality labor force, contact to discuss your next construction project.

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