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How To Choose A Labor Staffing Agency

Choosing Your Staffing Agency Finding the right labor staffing agency is often a question of seeing which ones are in your area and provide the types of of temporary workers that you need. Yet it [...]

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4 Tips For Applying To Temporary Jobs

When looking for temporary jobs, there are a few broad steps you have to follow. You'd think the first thing to do would be to simply send your resume to as many places as you can. Yet human [...]

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Why is OSHA Training So Important?

It’s hard to believe now, but the construction crews building the Empire State Building, the electricians wiring cities across the country, and acrobats working on the Golden Gate and Brooklyn [...]

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3 Ways to Keep Your Skilled Labor Happy

When you run a business, there is one truth that becomes crystal clear right away: it can be difficult to find, attract, and retain skilled labor. Given the so-called “war for talent,” people with [...]

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Labor Safety this Summer

Labor Safety During the Summer It’s South Florida, it’s July, and it’s a heck of a summer! Labor safety is always our top priority at LFH. Safety training is an essential resource we practice [...]

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A Special LFH Spotlight!

Congratulations to Mr. Jerry Flint! You are the reason LFH is so special! These are the type of individuals that Labor for Hire strives to employ and retain. This is a huge compliment from one of our [...]

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