Latest Safety Meeting a Success

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Labor For Hire is a premier temporary staffing company that, for more than 20 years, has been committed to providing unmatched construction staffing throughout the state of Florida. Labor For Hire sets the standard for professionalism and customer service in the staffing industry, and by establishing a solid reputation for quality and reliability, Labor For Hire has gained the utmost respect from its clients.

Top 5 OSHA Safety Issues Addressed

Safety training is essential for preventing injuries, protecting lives, and keeping insurance costs low – which is why safety is standard company policy at Labor For Hire. Our latest safety meeting took place at Jackson Memorial Hospital in West Doral, Florida. Held in conjunction with our client, Yates Construction, the week-long initiative covered the following top five OSHA safety issues:

  1. Sprains and strainsSafety Meeting | OSHA Issues | Labor For Hire of Florida
  2. Struck by hazards
  3. Slips and falls
  4. Caught in between
  5. Cuts and punctures

The safety topic chosen for our company was "Caught in Between."

The safety meeting was a success thanks to all who participated. We applaud our client, Yates Construction, for providing ongoing safety awareness and training opportunities.

Workplace Safety Is Paramount

At Labor For Hire, all our workers are OSHA certified for the job they perform. We provide safety and skills training to foster growth and development, and to ensure safety and productivity remain a primary focus and responsibility. We also provide contractor-required insurance such as A-rated general liability, workers’ compensation, and auto insurance.

Our proven ability to help clients maximize workforce productivity while minimizing labor-related costs like benefits and unemployment is what sets us apart. We thrive on the fact that our company can contribute to the success of clients like Yates Construction.

As a result, we are prepared to meet companies’ labor staffing requirements by supplying skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled labor for projects large and small, with assignments short and long term. Our pleasure is doing what we can to elevate our clients!


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