Different Types of Labor Staffing Agencies

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Did you know there are different types of labor staffing agencies? They provide labor staffing solutions to a variety of industries and deliver employees with a range of different specialties and skills.

Let's describe each type of agency so you know which will help you most:Download a Checklist for Hiring a Labor Staffing Agency | Labor for Hire

Temp Agency

This is the type of staffing agency familiar to most. It helps employees find temporary employment that can last from a few days to months. This allows businesses to fill short-term needs. It also enables them to try out workers for positions they may wish to fill on a long-term basis. This is called “temp to hire,” or “temp to perm.”

Here, the temp agency is technically the employer and is responsible for issuing the paycheck. A temporary job that becomes permanent means that the hiring business becomes the employer. Win-win!

Most of these agencies focus on specific industries. Be clear about which industries the agency specializes in. One providing labor staffing solutions to the construction, engineering, and maintenance industries will have connections they can use to reveal opportunities that may not be described elsewhere.

Traditional Employment

This type of employment agency will help those seeking jobs find opportunities. Some may charge an applicant, but most won't. Successful labor staffing agencies will typically only charge the hiring business. We recommend sticking with those agencies that don't feel a need to assess a fee.

Contingency Employment

Contingency agencies are more likely to charge an applicant and are often used in conjunction with other job posting and search approaches. They're usually used to create volume of applications, leaving it to the business's HR department to narrow the search. In contrast, other employment agencies are often trusted to source targeted candidates.

Retained Search

Some labor staffing agencies handle a business's search needs exclusively. They essentially act as an HR-department-as-a-service, handling advanced searches for senior managers, project leaders, and executives. If you've heard the term “headhunter,” it refers to this type of agency. They'll often contact candidates who aren't actively seeking a new job in order to gauge their interest.

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