October 2019 Employees of the Month

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Each month, we highlight employees who have gone above and beyond. Check out our October employees of the month below. Find open positions at a Labor For Hire Florida location near you

LW Employee of the Month 10.19 (1)


Jerry is a pleasant mannered, hardworking Buck hoist Operator who works under lots of pressure but still manages to be pleasant and patient to everyone. He is a very responsible and reliable employee who we are glad to have working with us. Great Job Jerry!!



Askari Johnson – TAMPA BRANCH       

We are thrilled to award Askari with the Tampa Branch employee of the month. He is at work every day, on time and ready to get the job done. He is reliable and hardworking, ready for any job he is assigned to. His Easy going and funny personality makes him a pleasure to work with.



Cresmore Gaynor – HOLLYWOOD BRANCH

Cresmore is an excellent employee who is always on time and ready to take on any task. He’s worked at the Hard Rock 6 days a week for many months and Always gets a good report. We are very proud to have him on our team.




Anthony Yarbrough III – HIALEAH BRANCH

Anthony is a very dependable employee who will go out of his way to please customers. Works weekends if asked to- to make sure the project is on target. He is a very hard worker, of Very high Integrity who always gets repeats and call backs. He deserves the recognition of employee of the month.



Jeffery Smith – NAPLES BRANCH

Jeff has been on the Coastal “Mystique” Jobsite since it broke ground In November 2017.  He is always on time, eager to work and has never missed a day. He represents the company very well. Thank you for your hard work Jeff!






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