End of Temporary Assignment: What to Do

End of Temporary Assignment: What to Do

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Are you nearing the end of temporary work assignment? When a temp assignment ends it can start to feel a bit precarious at times. If you have your next assignment lined up you may feel a sense of relief, accomplishment or even a sense that you will miss your current work assignment. All of that is normal and valid. 

At the end of a temporary assignment you may feel pressure and stress. The best thing to do is to make the most of the time you have left on the job. The more prepared you are for the time when a temp assignment ends, the more you will set yourself up for success with your next assignment. 

Temporary assignments are unique experiences. Many workers are accustomed to moving from job to job and it feels like old hat. For other workers, it can be jarring or hindering to move from one job to the next. If you fall into that category you will want to arm yourself with a few tips for the end of temporary assignment periods. 

End on a good note

Make sure your manager knows that you have enjoyed working on the assignment. Stand out from other workers by making it clear that you enjoy your job and take pride in your work. Leaving on a good note when a temp assignment ends is a great way to ensure future call backs or good references. 

Have a reputation as a good coworker

Your coworkers are not your managers, however it is still important to develop your reputation as a solid team member and someone others enjoy working with. Being known as reliable and knowledgeable among your coworkers is a great way to end a temporary assignment.

Update your resume

You may not realize the nuances of the current work assignment you are on, but when you sit down and put pen to paper there are many ways you can update your resume to reflect the work that you have done on your current job assignment. Turning to experienced resume builders is a great way to make sure you have accurately captured the depth of your experience.

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