How to Find a Job Quickly by Using a Skilled Temp Agency

How to Find a Job Quickly by Using a Skilled Temp Agency

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Nearly 3.1 million people use a temp agency every single year to find a job. Wondering why? Now more than ever, employers are turning to staffing and temp agencies to help find the right talent, and today’s temp agencies offer real benefits to those with whom they work. Wondering if you should try to find a job this way? 

It’s absolutely the fastest way to find work in South Florida, and it can be the perfect way to get your foot in the door for a permanent position or just get the flexibility you need to fulfill your other commitments in life. The best part, though, is that by working with the right team, you’ll immediately be able to find a job that fits your interests and abilities. How do you make that happen? Follow these quick steps.

  1. Find the Right Temp Agency: It’s important to note that temporary staffing agencies typically specialize in one industry or another. As a result, finding the right staffing agency to work with is key. For example, if you’re looking for a job in the construction agency, you’ll want to work with a team with lots of connections in that industry so you can get the placement you want. 
  2. Be Impressive from the Start: After you call the temp agency to make an appointment, you’ll likely come in for an interview so the team can get a better sense of what you can do for the companies that they work with. You want to treat this like a real interview. Dress as you would for any interview, and show up on time. Help them understand what you can do, and don’t forget to bring your resume. Be honest throughout the interview, as lying about your skills will only create problems for everyone involved. 
  3. Be Patient: Once your name is on the list with the staffing agency, you’ll want to follow up about once a week. Keep in mind that your skills may not be right for every opening they’re attempting to fill, but eventually the right job will come along. 
  4. Take the Opportunity: Once you are offered a position, be sure that you get a clear sense of what’s required. If it works for you, be ready to report to the job site. If it’s not going to work for you because of the hours or something else, let your recruiter know immediately so they can fill that job and find you something that’s a better fit in the near future. 

Understanding Temp Work

But wait, do you really want temp work? Likely, the answer here is yes. Temporary workers are individuals who work either on a part-time or contingency basis. Temporary workers usually don’t get a long-term contract from the start, but often their jobs can turn into long-term contracts if things work out. There are some real benefits to temporary work too. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that you can work on a more flexible schedule. 

Temporary employment means a chance to work when and where you want. Imagine, for example, you’re trying to complete a business degree through your local community college, but you have classes every Wednesday. You have the ability to take those days off and still get the job done. Another real benefit is that working with a temp agency is a way to earn money quickly. 

With average hourly wages on the way up, you’re going to find a lot more cash in your pocket very soon. You may even qualify for benefits. Perhaps the best part of working with a skilled temp agency, though, is that you get a chance to test out a new company. If you think you might be interested in working with a given company full time, but you want to know more before you take that job, a temp agency gives you that chance without the commitment. 

You can only get these kinds of jobs through temporary staffing firms like Labor for Hire, though, so the key is to connect with us as soon as possible. We’re construction headhunters in Florida, so we’re looking for team members who are ready to take on some of the best skilled and unskilled jobs throughout the booming South Florida construction industry. 

We continually have positions open for nearly everyone, and the pay rates are almost unbelievable! When you work with Labor for Hire, you’ll be carefully prepared for every job site. We offer OSHA job safety training at no additional charge and ensure you’re ready to start on day one. All you have to do is give us a call and come in for an interview so we understand more about you and your skills. Ready to get started? Give us a call today.