General Labor Jobs: 5 Skills to Have

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Securing general labor jobs depends on the skills you bring to the table. What is an employer looking for? It doesn't always have to do with workplace experience. Remember: many of these jobs are how you get that experience in the first place. The general labor skills they really value can often be pretty broad, and they can be transferable from other positions you have held.

  1. Organization

Can you be there every day on time? Are you efficient? Can you keep track of your tasks? Will you be able to understand how your tasks fit with others? The more organized you are, the more organized your employer can be.

General labor jobs often serve as the foundation for entire departments and businesses to run smoothly. If everyone is organized, the business is organized. It's a talent that can get you very far, and that is quickly recognized and valued.

  1. Communication

Despite this, you can be the most organized person on the planet and come off as disorganized because you don't communicate effectively. Communication can be difficult. Not everyone is skilled with this going in. Even if you aren't, it doesn't mean you can't learn and hone your abilities.

This is a skill you can pick up quickly, but be honest in an interview about wanting guidance on it. The #1 thing about communication is knowing what your bosses and coworkers need you to communicate. This makes it a lot easier. You don't have to be the most talented networker. Communication starts with just being open about the guidance you need to coordinate with those around you.

  1. Cooperation

You might think of this as teamwork. You need to be willing to trust those around you. You need to not hold grudges at the workplace. General labor jobs can be demanding, and the workplace is a lot healthier and more efficient when everyone is working toward the same goal.

This means working things out, communicating roles and schedules, coordinating use of equipment, working together to adhere to safety rules, and helping newer workers learn the ropes.

  1. Endurance

Many general labor skills are based on physical demands of the job. You may have to be able to lift heavy loads. You may have to be able to stand for long periods of time. Not everyone can do this, and not everyone is comfortable doing this.

Endurance is also mental. Some people can lift, dig, and stand for a full day without feeling stressed, but can they do that for a full week? What about week after week? You don't just need physical capabilities. Being comfortable with the daily workout of the job is a mental skill, too.

  1. Creativity

Every job really needs this, because every job has something unexpected crop up. Equipment will break. Customers may miscommunicate. Something will be labeled wrong. Whenever a problem comes up, you need to be able to problem solve.

A lot of this depends on your communication and cooperation. Teams solve problems better than individuals. Your creativity and your willingness to use everyone's knowledge to avoid issues and delays is extraordinarily valuable. It's one of the general labor skills that doesn't get talked about often enough.

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