Is Now a Good Time to Change Jobs?

Is Now a Good Time to Change Jobs?

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No decision that involves major life changes is ever easy. When it comes to your job, you inevitably think about finances, but also time with your family, the need for additional school, commutes… the factors are many. And you may second-guess yourself: is now really a good time to change jobs? Should I hang in there?

5 Signs It’s Time to Change Jobs

Your decision is yours; we are here to provide some insight. Here are some signs that it might be a good time to change jobs:


  1. You Don’t Care Anymore. If you used to like or love your work but now you find yourself counting down the minutes until you can leave and dreading each day you have to go in, well, it’s a big red flag. Something needs to change. There’s a difference between an occasional, “Ugh, I wish weekends had four days!” to a pervasive feeling of discontent and disengagement. Listen to your gut.


  1. You Don’t Feel Good About What You Do. You may feel undervalued; you may feel that no one appreciates the work you do and that it is not making an impact; you may feel that your skills are going to waste. When you feel like this, you typically disengage. You stop caring, you stop trying to improve and grow, and you stop going the extra mile. You can barely go the mile.


  1. Money Doesn’t Help. Would a raise or additional compensation help relight the spark? Maybe. But will it keep it burning? If this isn’t a strong enough motivator, it may be time to think about a change.


  1. You Don’t Have a Life! If your job is interfering with your personal life (e.g., you don’t have time to spend with your children and/or partner, you don’t have time to volunteer, exercise, or engage in your favorite hobbies), you must consider whether your job is robbing you of your life.


  1. You’re Thinking Big. You may be dreaming of a new career and imaging yourself in a whole new role. Take the time to listen to yourself. A job should provide you with the money you need, but it can also be a source of happiness and satisfaction.


Is it a good time to change jobs? Despite the pandemic, there is ample opportunity in many sectors, and we can help you seize them. Contact Labor for Hire today to learn more. 


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