5 Things to Know About Hiring Temp Employees

5 Things to Know About Hiring Temp Employees

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Hiring temp employees provides you with access to a wide range of skilled and unskilled candidates that can help you grow your business. As a temp agency in Florida, Labor for Hire offers these five tips to maximize your results:

  1. Don't Treat Temp Employees Differently

The key when hiring temp employees is to treat them as fairly and equitably as your full-time or “regular” workers. Unfortunately, temps are often a target for workplace harassment or discrimination. Make it clear to everyone that this behavior isn't appropriate toward any employee, temporary or otherwise.

  1. Practice the Same Safety and Health StandardsDownload a Checklist for Hiring a Labor Staffing Agency | Labor for Hire

Don't take shortcuts around safety and health standards. Everyone, regardless of their employment duration, needs to follow the same rules. We treat our position as a temp agency in Florida seriously, and that's why our workers are OSHA-trained. This, and other certifications we can facilitate, help keep your workers, your reputation, and your business safe.

  1. Follow the Fair Labor Standards Act

Temp employees are sometimes part-time, but this still means they have the same rights when it comes to minimum wage, overtime, and record keeping. In addition, they have the same rights to lunch periods and breaks. If you refuse them these, you're violating the law.

  1. Know the Benefits Required by Law

Sometimes, employers assume they don't owe temp employees any benefits whatsoever. There are still some benefits required by law. These vary according to several factors including length of employment, but may include matching Social Security and Medicare taxes, unemployment benefits, and of course Workers' Compensation.

  1. Do the Taxes Right

Temporary employees are subject to tax withholding rules. Be sure to consult with an accountant or other tax professional to ensure you're completing the correct forms and complying with tax rules.

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