How Construction Trades Staffing Agencies Find the Best People

How Construction Trades Staffing Agencies Find the Best People

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Finding the right staff to fill job openings across the country is currently a $1.74 billion industry. Thousands of companies in nearly every sector of the economy turn to staffing agencies on a daily basis to find the right help, and now more than ever, construction companies are looking to construction trades staffing agencies for the same kind of help. Not sure it’s right for you? Unsure of exactly how a Florida construction staffing agency finds the right people to send to your job site? It’s an intense process that always results in one key thing - the perfect hire for your upcoming jobs. 

It Starts With You

Construction trades staffing agencies typically don’t begin looking for the perfect person to fill your unique opportunity until you walk through the door. The entire process relies on you reaching out to the agency and specifying exactly what you might need. The staffing agency will likely want to know what the job responsibilities might be for temp employees, how many people you need, how soon you need them, and what the wages look like for those people. From there, they’re able to create a solid job description and begin looking for candidates

Behind the Scenes

While the process of filling your specific job opening begins with you, behind the scenes, construction trades staffing agencies actually have a number of other things happening. They work with a wealth of sources to recruit talent who may or may not be actively searching for a job, but who would be ready when the right job comes along. By attending skilled job fairs, partnering with local trade training programs, and connecting with other talent pools, construction trades staffing agencies are always looking for new talent behind the scenes, offering them the training and skills they might need to succeed on any job site. 

The Next Step

Once you’ve posted your job listing, the staffing agency immediately goes to work. They look not only within the candidate pool they’ve worked so hard to curate but also for other new candidates who might best fit your job listing. Candidates browse the listings on their site and in other spaces, and recruiters from the agency meet with them to discuss skills and background. Once suitable candidates are identified, the temp agency does a screening interview to make certain they’re ready for the job site. Employers can actually participate in this part of the process, or they can choose to do a more extensive interview after a pool of candidates is identified. 

It Doesn’t Stop There

Once the ideal candidate is identified, a construction temp agency doesn’t actually stop working for you. Instead, they take care of the temp employee, managing employment taxes, payroll, and more. Should the employer choose to hire them permanently in the future, the employer then takes over that step. 

Agencies will often work with an employer multiple times, so they can sometimes anticipate the need for certain opportunities depending on the company. There are numerous benefits to working with a construction trades staffing agency. You get no-risk hires who simply appear at your job site without any serious searching on your part. That means virtually no time away from the job site and completing more deadlines on time. Ready to get started? Contact Labor for Hire today and let us begin finding the next key player for your team.