How to Find Long-Term Employees

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A long-term employee is an invaluable asset to your business; not only do you avoid the cost - and roller coaster - of repeated new hires and training, you have the opportunity to develop talent that will contribute meaningfully to your company.

6 Keys to Making a Good Hiring Decision

  1. Create an accurate job description. Make sure the description of the position is clear and includes details about what the role entails. This keeps people who do not have the right qualifications from applying - and helps those who may not have considered it determine if they should give it a shot.
  2. Think beyond your immediate needs. How will this person deliver value for your company in the future?
  3. Highlight your brand culture. This is a major selling point: research indicates that Millennials, in particular, are willing to take a cut in pay in order to work for an employer with a strong culture. What’s your workplace like? What makes you unique, special, or different? Find out and show it off!
  4. Leverage your connections. Have a rock star on staff? Ask them if they have any acquaintances who have the skills and attitude to fit in with your company. Referrals often have a higher retention rate. Also hit networking and industry events to deepen your talent pool.
  5. Look towards the future. Again, you want a long-term employee who can grow with your company - and help your company grow. Where will you be in two years? Five? Are you hiring people who have the skills and drive to adapt? Of course you need to fill today’s needs, but keep an eye on what’s coming down the pike.
  6. Work with a temporary staffing agency. A temporary staffing service to find a long-term employee? Sounds counter intuitive, doesn’t it? But staffing companies like Labor for Hire can help you in making a good hiring decision by providing you with pre-qualified candidates who are ready to enter into mutually beneficial temp-to-hire relationships.

If you’re looking for long-term employees, put these tips into place and contact Labor for Hire. We have the tools, experience, and reach to help you secure the talent you need - now and in the future.

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