How to Get Hired as a Construction Worker: Insider Tips from Hiring Managers

How to Get Hired as a Construction Worker: Insider Tips from Hiring Managers

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Companies are always looking for the best place to hire construction workers and to grow their teams, and businesses with the right people in the right jobs. If you work in this field or are interested in starting a new career path, you may wonder how to get hired. Read on for some tips from top hiring managers.

You’re Hired!

Businesses in the construction industry find it challenging to hire skilled labor in order to meet customer and scheduling demands. This is a perennial problem that has worsened during the tail-end of the pandemic and continues to the present. The talent war puts you in the driver’s seat. You are in a great position to search for and find a job that suits your needs and goals. 

Now, there are plenty of companies that want to hire skilled labor. How do you land the best job?

Sharpen Your Skills

What can you do to make yourself even more marketable? Can you take a class or course? Obtain a new certification? Diversify your skills by integrating new areas of focus? For example, if you specialize in framing, can you delve into finish carpentry? 

Likewise, if you fall into the category of “semi-skilled” currently (which means that the work you do requires some skill but not at the complex level of a skilled laborer), could you take steps to become a skilled worker? This may require some investment in yourself, such as taking a course at a local trade school or putting in the time for an apprenticeship. The upside is that you will vastly increase your earning power. 

Dust Up Your Resume

No one likes a bragger or boaster – but it’s worth it to sell yourself on your resume!  Don’t be afraid to highlight your strengths and experience. Your education, your training, and your value as a potential employee. A solid resume is a great way to make a first impression and to differentiate yourself from other candidates. 

Double- and triple-check your resume for grammatical and spelling errors and ensure you have the right format and flow. It’s worth asking some friends and family members for their critique, and you can find free help online. Reddit Resumes, for example, is a subthread group in which people will tear apart your doc! This is great – the feedback can be invaluable, and it can be the difference between appealing to a top company and being left behind. 

Determine What YOU Want

When it comes to your career, what do you want? What are your goals? What are your next steps? Where do you see yourself now, in five years, in ten, at retirement? Now is the time to make the plans that will set you up for success in the long-term. That could mean finding the right job with the right company, increasing and honing your skills, making connections, building your resume… Regardless, you can make meaningful progress in your career journey when you are hired as a construction worker. 

Work With a Specialized Staffing Agency

Businesses know that the best place to hire construction workers is with a staffing partner that specializes in their industry. This positions you as an ideal candidate. Why do employers love working with these agencies? Well, for one, you will come to them pre-screened, interviewed, and even thoroughly OSHA-trained. You are ready to hit the ground running. 

This is highly attractive to potential employers. While many are willing to train, having a worker who can get onto the job site and start performing on day one is preferable. This will be a quality that you bring to the table. It sets you apart – and above – other candidates. You can also incorporate your job and career needs and wants to ensure you are placed with the best company for your needs.

Speaking of which…. 

Find the Right Fit 

Skills you can learn. Experience you can build. Connections you can form. But if you don’t have the right “fit” with an employer, it can lead to a highly satisfying situation in which you dislike – or even hate – going to work. Fit encompasses the feeling that you are well suited for your job and belong. It is about personalities and company cultures, respect and autonomy, training, development, and opportunity. In short… fit is everything. 

In this market, businesses want to hire skilled labor and look for the best and brightest. They are looking for you. To ensure that they find you effectively and efficiently, work with Labor for Hire. We specialize in the construction industry – and in placing the right people with the right employers. Contact us today to learn more.