How to Keep Your Top Temporary Employees Around

How to Keep Your Top Temporary Employees Around

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You don't want to lose any good employees, permanent or temporary. When you hire temporary labor, your temp workers are often looking for long-term opportunities and want permanent positions with your company. How do you keep your best temporary employees around? It just takes paying a little extra attention to their future with you.

Hire the Right Workers

You may think that giving attention to the hiring process of temporary workers isn't as important as the hiring process of your permanent people. This attitude can be a mistake. When you hire temporary labor, some of those workers could turn into your permanent employees of tomorrow. Best of all, much of the legwork is already done for you by a temporary labor agency. This allows you to focus on the details and interview to really make sure the working relationship is a good fit.

Hire Trained Workers

OSHA trained workers are a must. Temporary employees who aren't OSHA trained can put your business and other employees at risk. This is why Labor for Hire offers a range of training opportunities to our candidates.


If temporary workers feel you're invested in them, they're more likely to stick around. Much of this can be done through open communication. If you're connecting with them and taking them seriously, they know you may have plans in mind for them for a longer term.

Recognize Hard Work

Temporary laborers work incredibly hard. Vocally recognize their efforts alongside the efforts of your permanent laborers. Temp workers feel more accepted and like part of the team when they have the support of their co-workers and their company.

Interview Temporary Workers for Permanent Jobs

You may not always go with a temp-to-hire approach. You may interview a temporary worker for a permanent position but go with someone else instead. As long as you're conducting interviews seriously, your temporary workers will know you're invested in their future with your business.

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