What Are the Benefits of Working with a Local Temp Agency?

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Local temp agencies offer a number of advantages as you search for extra staff. Let's face it: any search for staff is a full-time job. You're looking for extra staff to fill a position, not for an extra position's worth of work. There are too many potential employees out there to know who's qualified, who's being real about their references, and who will actually be a good personality fit. A local staffing agency will essentially provide the services an HR department would: bringing you serious candidates who have had their references, skills, experience, and personality fit already reviewed.

1. The most obvious benefit is that you don't have to staff a full-time HR position or department to find extra staff. A local staffing agency will narrow the range of candidates for you so that you're only interviewing the best of the best applicants.

2. Local temp agencies also handle the daily administrative tasks that you'd otherwise have to hire HR positions to handle. This includes payroll, benefits, taxes, legal, regulatory, and employment compliance requirements. You shouldn't have to hire extra staff just to handle hiring extra staff. This way, you don't have to.

3. A staffing agency will have extensive experience with other businesses in your industry and unique insight into how potential staff have worked in similar positions. This provides them the ability to focus on providing you with staff that have previously excelled and are more likely to do so again.

4. Local means your business will be important to the staffing agency. They're more likely to consider your priorities and understand them when helping you fill a position. They'll also be able to understand how personality and attitude fit between employer and worker.

5. A local staffing agency is involved in the community. It's important to them to see the businesses they work with succeed. Likewise, it's important for them to be responsible to their resource pool of candidates. They serve as a bridge to make sure everyone on all sides gets the best fit possible.

When sourcing talent for your business, think local. A local staffing agency can be your best ally in filling gaps, meeting seasonal demand, and growing your company.

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