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A Special LFH Spotlight!

Congratulations to Mr. Jerry Flint! You are the reason LFH is so special! These are the type of individuals that Labor for Hire strives to employ and retain. This is a huge compliment from one of our [...]

By | July 6th , 2017

Check out all the Jobs in Miami!

Miami has been booming with labor work the past few years. We always welcome the rush of construction companies seeking temporary labor workers for one of their projects. We've been slammed with [...]

By | May 25th , 2017

Happy Mother's Day from LFH!

Labor for Hire and Skilled Resources value the hard work our female laborers do year around. It's an honor to be able to place experienced and expert construction women in their various lines of [...]

By | May 14th , 2017

Job of the Month- Forklift Operator

What is a Forklift Operator? A Forklift Operator is skilled position that someone needs to have experience in. Expert knowledge is incredibly valuable when applying for any machine operator-type [...]

By | April 29th , 2017

Orlando Labor Workers Continue to Thrive

Labor Jobs in Orlando Orlando is the new “IT” place to be for many Laborers. Construction workers throughout the state are flocking to the Central Florida Metro area with tool belt in tow, wanting to [...]

By | April 20th , 2017

Check out all the Jobs in Orlando!

Check out these Construction Jobs in Orlando! I think we can all agree that Orlando, FL is one of the states busiest cities. The population exceeds over 230,000 people, that doesn’t included the [...]

By | March 30th , 2017

Job of the Month Info!

You may have noticed something new on our site! The past few months that we have dedicated an article to a particular construction job position. We do this for a couple of reasons.

By | March 14th , 2017