4 Ways to Find and Hire Qualified Skilled Workers

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Finding qualified skilled workers needs not be a burden to companies. With a bit of creativity and ingenuity skilled labor recruiting can be easily achieved. Here are four ways of finding qualified skilled workers for your business needs:

  1. Hold a Super Day

Savvy human resource departments are catching on to the idea of recruiting in quantity. Whether you have a great number of positions open at once or you want to get your company’s name out there as a highly sought place to work, holding a super day can be a great way of finding qualified skilled workers.

What is a Super Day? Super Days can be called by just about any name, but essentially they are a way of cleverly marketing your company as a great place to work while bringing in applicants for a diverse pool of skilled workers. Super Days can be held at any time of year and can be organized like job fairs.

So how do you get people to come out for your company’s Super Day?

  1. Seek Employee Referrals

A cleverly designed flyer disseminated to managers and workers across your company can be shared widely over email. Invite colleagues and workers to share the news of Super Day with friends, relatives and acquaintances who are looking for work. Encourage everyone to share widely.

Sometimes news of a Super Day can prompt workers to apply and interview even if they weren’t necessarily looking. Super Days can be 100 percent virtual and by scheduling as many short interviews as you can in a day you will likely be sitting on a bank of qualified skilled workers to hire immediately or whose resume you can keep on file.

  1. Internal Promotions and Company Recognition Programs

Finding ways to promote from within your company can be a great way to gain a reputation as a leading company in your industry. Strive to gain publicity both in the press and by word-of-mouth as an employer who recognizes and rewards talent. Qualified skilled workers want to know that they are going to be working for a company that values their contributions and finds ways for them to utilize their skills in a challenging and nuanced way.

  1. Partner with Local Communities

Sometimes it's not enough to recruit from an available pool of already qualified skilled workers. In areas with low unemployment rates or a shortage of trained workers, companies need to think outside the box.

If workers aren’t trained to do the jobs needed, what opportunities exist for training eager future workers? If an aging workforce is problematic for companies, what are the available mechanisms for training a younger demographic? If companies are finding that such models do not exist in their areas, they should seriously consider partnering with high schools, community colleges, government social service agencies and local non-profits.

The possibilities for collaborations in finding qualified skilled workers are bountiful and largely unexplored to this date. Let’s work together to find the skilled labor you need to succeed.

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