Recruiting Challenges When Unemployment is Low

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Low unemployment is great news - but that doesn’t mean that there are not a host of recruiting challenges that come along with it. The need to fill general labor staffing positions becomes even more pressing, with fewer candidates in the pool. How do you get the bodies and minds for the jobs you need to get done?

Unemployment is Not a Complete Measurement

Unemployment figures do not include those who've stopped looking for work or those who are underemployed. Those who've given up on looking for work are harder to recruit and may have been out of work for too long when it comes to specialized jobs. Sometimes they stop looking for good reasons (they had a child, a loved one died, they had a medical emergency) and they'll be fine employees once they get back up to speed.

Don't Confuse Unemployment and Underemployment

Underemployment is a big issue. You may pass these folks over in your recruitment targeting because they are working. At the same time, they're still keeping an eye out for additional or alternate opportunities. You should be in touch with general labor staffing companies. They're your best avenue for finding talent who’re looking for more hours or more responsibility.

Employee Cost is Higher

Employee cost will be higher when unemployment is low. There's a high demand for general labor staffing in Florida right now because we're finally able to rebuild after last year's hurricanes. This means that there's more competition for qualified workers. They can pick and choose, and they'll pick the jobs that pay the best.

Keep Them Happy

When they have many options, employees are more likely to leave a job where they aren't happy. They may see other opportunities in work environments that are less stressful or more communicative.

Rely on Training

Some staffing companies will train workers. When competition for trained workers is fierce, be open to your workers getting additional training. They'll be more qualified, and they may be able to work their way up into new positions within your business.

Low unemployment rates can cause recruiting challenges - but you can still get the talent you need. Contact us for help.

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