Reduce Your Worker's Compensation Costs & Exposure with Contract Skilled Craftsmen from Labor for Hire

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The more permanent employees you add to your business, the higher your workers' compensation costs become. The solution to this is to rely on a smaller permanent workforce. You can supplement with contract workers, including contract skilled craftsmen. This not only reduces your exposure, it also gives you the flexibility to grow and shrink your workforce according to the jobs on hand.

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Contract workers cover both skilled labor jobs and unskilled tasks, giving your business the flexibilty it needs to compete. We can whittle down the pool for you according to your requirements. This helps you avoid wasting time on personnel that don't fit, or chasing down details that aren't included in applications and resumes. We handle that for you.

Something else we handle for you are the increased premiums. Contract skilled craftsmen are covered through our insurance program. This means that as long as you're using them, they don't increase your exposure or workers' compensation costs. Your premiums don't increase through temporary skilled labor jobs the way they would with permanent ones.

Screening & Skills

We screen carefully, vetting and confirming previous experience and references for you. When you're filling skilled labor jobs through us, we know it's our name and reputation on the line for you. We verify skills and dependability, as well as provide additional safety training. This ensures that you're getting contract skilled craftsmen who are ready to hit the ground running on Day One.

Tell us what you're skilled labor needs are. We can fill those roles for you in a way that doesn't increase your workers' compensation costs or insurance exposure. Make your business more flexible and better protected by relying on contract skilled craftsmen.

Labor for Hire's been doing this for 20 years now. This approach helps both business and worker by enabling both to expand their search range. This increases the skilled worker pool for businesses, and the number of potential jobs for skilled workers, while protecting both.

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