Should I Use a Temp Agency for Hiring?

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“Should I use a temp agency?” you ask yourself. If you're already asking, the answer is probably yes. Your business may lack a hiring or HR department or the one you do have needs help. There's nothing wrong with that. That's the reason a temporary employment agency exists in the first place.


Not all businesses are built to have their own hiring department. Perhaps you hire infrequently. Perhaps you hire as each job demands, increasing and decreasing the number of workers you need by season and contract. Perhaps your hiring department is very good, but simply isn't large enough for an upcoming job. Perhaps it's good at finding unskilled labor, but needs help finding a larger pool of skilled workers. Perhaps you don't have the time for interviews, or for checking references, or you need help on the administrative on-boarding.

The potential reasons go beyond this, but the solution is the same. Work with a temporary employment agency because they can expand your reach, vet candidates for you, check certifications and references, narrow candidates by interview, and even manage the administrative aspects of getting them started.


The best part of this is that you only pay the agency when you pay the temporary worker. You're not paying for the overhead of having your own HR department do this. That's already taken care of. Temp workers will require benefits such as workers' compensation or overtime pay, but they don't require full-time benefits, such as medical, dental, vacation, sick pay, retirement, or income security.


As the average age of skilled workers increases, more are working job-to-job by choice. They enjoy their time off. You won't find some of the best skilled workers when hiring for full-time work because a large enough chunk of the talent pool isn't looking for it. They're looking for the freedom to take jobs when they like, and will often work with a temporary employment agency because it suits this kind of schedule.


You're more comfortable hiring someone full-time when you know how hard they work, how accountable they are, and how well they fit with your other employees. Hiring temp workers allows you to effectively “try out” potential hires without committing to them full-time. If they check all the boxes you want, you can feel much safer hiring someone who's already proven themselves to you on the job.

Should I use a temp agency? The answer is clear - contact Labor For Hire today!


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