How Skilled Trade Staffing Agencies Find Jobs for Workers

How Skilled Trade Staffing Agencies Find Jobs for Workers

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Over the past several years, the skilled trades have lost millions of skilled workers, leading to one serious problem throughout the United States - a trade labor shortage. This staffing issue doesn’t just affect employers and contractors, though. Employees are expected to work longer hours than ever, and they’re experiencing high rates of burnout. Add that to the fact that fewer employees mean fewer jobs that contractors can schedule in advance, and you have a serious issue. Fortunately, skilled trade staffing agencies are working to make things easier for both parties by finding jobs for qualified workers. For both prospective employees, and a staffing agency Miami is a great place to be. Not quite sure how a skilled trade staffing agency could connect you with the right position? Take a look at the process. 

One Application, Many Jobs

Working with skilled trade staffing agencies typically begins when you apply for a position. You’ll usually see a listing through a job fair, a recruitment board, or something like that, and once you sign up and apply, you begin the process of connecting with the company. Many different employers and contractors work with skilled trade staffing agencies because of their efficiency and turnaround time

After the Application

Once you put your application into skilled trade staffing agencies, they’ll set up a screening interview with a recruiter. Here, you’ll talk honestly about your strengths and weaknesses. The recruiter will review your resume and highlight any spaces where you could make it stronger. If you don’t currently have a resume, the recruiter will usually work with you to create one that is reflective of your talents and experience. At this meeting, you’ll usually identify a few different references so the staffing agency can complete a background check. 

You’ll want to treat this just like a regular interview. The recruiter you work with will be asking you lots of questions to determine whether you’re a good fit for their client - the hiring company. Let them know what you can do, what you have done, and what has worked well for you in the past. You may even be asked to perform a few skills tests just to make sure you’re a good fit for the job. 

Don’t forget to mention your availability in this interview. Working with a staffing agency can mean access to great benefits like flexible scheduling, so if you’re only available in the afternoons, let them know as you get started. 

Getting the Job

Once the skilled trade staffing agencies find a job that’s perfect for you, they’ll usually connect you with the project manager or even the head of the company to do a more detailed interview. Should they choose to hire you, you’ll start almost immediately. The temp agency remains involved in the process, though. They will handle all of your payroll and benefits until the company decides you’ve filled their need and the job is complete or they want to hire you on as a full-time employee. 

Is It Worth It? When connecting with a staffing agency Miami is a great place to be. The staffing agency route is the perfect way to find a bit of flexibility, be able to update your resume and interview skills with the help of a professional, and expand your network of opportunities. As a skilled professional, you’re truly an asset to any job site, and staffing agencies can help you quickly overcome the typical frustrations involved in the job search

If you’re ready to work with a staffing agency, Labor for Hire can connect you with the right position. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.