Industry Knowledge: Skills You Need to Work in Construction

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Breaking into the field of construction is easier than you might think. While it is true that to be a master electrician or master plumber and that you will need specialized education and an apprenticeship, not all jobs need those skills to work in construction.

What Kind of Skills Do You Need to Work in Construction?

Some of the most important skills one needs to land and keep a job in construction are the easiest ones to overlook. Yes, it is necessary to have some knowledge of construction but, even if you don’t, having common sense, good communication skills, and a strong work ethic are valuable traits.

If you can show up on time for the job, focus on a given task, and complete it promptly to the best of your ability, you will stand out in a good way to the construction job foreman.

There is no shortage of construction jobs. Something is being built somewhere every single day.

How Do You Get the Skills Necessary to Work in Construction?

Many of the necessary skills you need to work in construction you probably already possess. Construction can be a physically taxing job. Are you strong? Are you limber? It won’t do you any good if you can lift 50 or 75 pounds of materials only to have your back give out.

Being limber, flexible, and strong are necessary traits to be successful in the field of construction. Are you alert? Do you have good eyesight and hearing? Construction sites are noisy places with lots of machines working. You have to be able to pay attention to your surroundings, so you don’t get hurt or cause an accident.

What Kinds of Construction Jobs Can You Do?

Most construction jobs require you to have a minimum of high school education or a G.E.D. Getting a job as a non-skilled laborer is a good way to earn construction skills. These jobs may not seem glamorous but getting your foot in the door is the first step to other skills to work construction.

While on the job, you will be exposed to a variety of other specialized positions. See what interests you. You might want to learn the trade of carpentry, drywall, ironwork, masonry, pipe fitting, or surveying. 

Once you land a job in construction, you want to be known for being a fast learner and paying attention to details when being assigned a task. That will help you build your career in the field of construction.

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