5 Staffing Trends to Keep Your Eye On

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Staffing trends were once difficult to pin down. With more and more staffing resources like data, feedback, and polling, it's become much easier to understand how the best employment candidates seek out jobs. Here are five staffing trends to keep your eye on.

1. Many people work in the gig and DIY economies or have other additional jobs.

Since people need to cobble jobs together in order to make ends meet, they often search for positions that have some flexibility or limited hours. They may also seek to bridge gaps in employment through temporary jobs with staffing agencies.

This allows them to add a source of income without dropping another. Take these needs seriously – candidates have them for legitimate reasons, not out of laziness or any disrespect to the position you're offering. In fact, candidates who blend multiple jobs or employment and self-employment successfully may be some of your most accountable and efficient workers.

2. It's crucial for you to manage and develop relationships with the talent pool you already employ.

Your best choices for long-term workers are the workers who are already on the job. Whether temporary or part-time, these are the workers who already understand your business's culture and requirements. Don't lose sight of those who already work for you who may be interested in expanding their roles.

3. A recent study by Glass Door showed that 79% of those searching for jobs will look over the potential employer's social media pages.

This can help inform them whether the company they're looking at may be a good fit.

Many will go beyond the simple branding elements to look at individual posts, tweets, and replies. This helps them understand how fairly the company treats customers and clients. Companies will often treat employees similarly. Make sure your social media profiles and communications are up to your standard.

4. Ensure that your website will work on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Looking for a job has always been a job in and of itself. Today, that burden is somewhat lightened by mobile devices. People can still search for jobs while they run errands, attend classes, go to the gym, whatever it may be. This allows them to be efficient with their time, but if your website doesn't present correctly on mobile, they'll skip your business over.

5. There are more elements to think about when hiring today, but some of the best staffing trends are the most proven.

As presentation to potential employees across so many platforms and devices gets more complicated and time consuming, staffing agencies work as a great time-saver. You might think of them as having a human resources department-as-a-service.

Staffing agencies specialize in one thing: staffing. This means they already have the staffing resources to find you the best candidates without wasting your time or diverting your focus from where it needs to be: on your business.

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