Strategic Staffing to Match Business Growth

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Your business is growing but you don't know how much yet. Perhaps you don't know when a specific contract will come in. A business partner may ask for a successful job to be expanded. Someone who's hired your business made a mistake and the job is larger than you anticipated. Or maybe you're expanding very quickly and you need qualified workers to keep you delivering the same level of quality. Strategic staffing provides business growth solutions that keep you nimble and flexible.

Growth Shouldn't Mean a Business Acts Bigger

That's really the key as a business grows. Many businesses employ more and more people, taking more and more jobs, but they change as they do so. They become flat-footed. They keep staff on that they only need for specific jobs – not all the time. Money spent on inactive staff or on emergency searches for an additional specialist becomes just another wasted cost of doing business at an expanded level.

Business Growth Solutions

It shouldn't be that way. Business growth solutions must remain flexible and adaptive no matter the growth challenge you face:

  1. Consider modular staffing. This allows you to staff up sections of your business that will have the most immediate need, rather than hiring across the board. You don't need everyone at the outset of a job. You just need them to be there when their part of the job comes up.
  2. Strategic staffing relies on contract workers. Skilled and unskilled laborers alike are readily accessible. Working with a temporary employment agency enables you to lean on their expertise in narrowing down lists of potential candidates to the best fits – in terms of skill and personality.
  3. Retain valuable staff. If there are particular workers who form the heart of your business, don't let them go if it means they might get hired on elsewhere. These are your go-tos. Having reliable staff who can train up new workers quickly and enforce standards of quality save you many other headaches.
  4. Likewise, if a temp worker truly exceeds your expectations and is a good fit, consider hiring them. If you don't have the space now, but you anticipate growth in the future, keep their contact information on file. You already know they fit there and can do the job very well.
  5. Temporary employment agencies don't just give you workers. They can also seek out training for workers and make sure workers are OSHA certified. They can form growth plans for you and anticipate your needs if you communicate with them. You may not have a full-size HR department, but a temp agency can perform many of the services of an HR department for you at a high level.

This is an exciting time for your business; make sure you staff strategically so you can eliminate pesky growing pains!

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