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Reduce Your Worker's Compensation Costs & Exposure with Contract Skilled Craftsmen from Labor for Hire

The more permanent employees you add to your business, the higher your workers' compensation costs become. The solution to this is to rely on a smaller permanent workforce. You can supplement with [...]

By | February 19th , 2018

How to Stand Out as a Painter

Competition is real, especially when you are in a field that is as common as painting. As a painter, you know that there are many others out there. So how can you make your services stand out over [...]

By | May 4th , 2016

Great Tips for Temporary Labor Jobs!

Make Extra Money on the Side with Temporary Labor Jobs A temporary labor job can be an excellent way to make some extra money or have an income when you’re between jobs. But finding the right one [...]

By | March 3rd , 2016