7 Temporary Staffing Tips for Your Small Business

7 Temporary Staffing Tips for Your Small Business

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Temporary staffing enables your business to hire as needed. Specific start and end dates allow you to expand your business's capability to meet unique challenges. Temporary staff are vetted to provide you selections that fit your requirements. This includes everything from identifying unique skills and training to work ethic and personality fits. There are some ways you can get the most out of using temp staffing companies:

1. Anticipate seasonal needs.

Every industry breathes. The construction industry expands as the weather grows warmer. Plan ahead with temp staffing companies to meet your needs. This way, you have plenty of time to find the perfect temporary staff.

2. Anticipate employee needs.

Your permanent staff probably have vacations planned well ahead of time. Just like in seasonal planning, don't wait until the last minute to cover these. Ensure that any vacations, medical leaves, and maternity and paternity leaves are covered ahead of time. This also gives your permanent staff a chance to train the temporary staff.

3. Keep track of good fits.

When temp staff excels in a position, keep their information and your notes. Tell the temp staffing company you're working with – this helps them know to hire this person if you need help again. It also provides you with a ready candidate for full time work when your business expands. You already know how they'll perform on the job.

4. Replace if needed.

On the other side of the coin, sometimes a temporary worker won't be the best fit. If it's clear they won't work out, a staffing company has other candidates who are ready to fill the position. You can replace them if you need.

5. Avoid overwork.

Oftentimes, temporary staff is only thought of as a solution to your business expanding or an employee being gone for some time. What happens if everything is consistent, but your employees are simply overloaded? This can be a good time for temporary staff as well. This keeps your permanent employees able to cover their most important priorities, while providing them support that ensures other elements don't fall by the wayside.

6. HR-as-a-Service.

Many businesses don't have the ability to form a full staffing or HR department. Temp staffing companies essentially provide you HR-as-a-Service. They take care of finding candidates, vetting them so that you only interview the best fits, payroll, benefits, taxes, administration, and legal and regulatory requirements. If you don't have the resources to form an HR department, you can still have one. Don't be afraid to talk to a staffing company about each of these elements.

7. Reduce risk.

Hiring temp staff reduces risk in a number of ways. One of the main benefits of hiring temp staff, is that you're not on the hook for benefits or workers comp insurance and you can more readily expand and contract your staffing as needed. 

Temporary staffing can be a major boon to your business. Let us help you seize the opportunities. Contact Labor For Hire today!

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