The Pros and Cons of Hiring Temporary Employees

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Pros and Cons of Hiring Temporary Employees

Is hiring temp employees through a South Florida hiring agency worth it? There are advantages and disadvantages to consider. Temp employees can help your business bridge growth and offer you a chance to “try out” employees before you bring them on in a more permanent way. Of course, without that commitment, they can move on to better opportunities as well.


Hiring temp employees fits certain needs. Let's look at the pros first:

  • Perfect for sick leaves: During leaves or vacations, temp employees can slide right in to fill a role. This allows you to perfectly match the temp contract duration to the length of the leave or vacation.
  • Flexibility to expand and shrink: You may need 10 employees through the end of a season, but you'll have to expand to 20 for a new job or set of jobs next year. Some of those may be more permanent positions, but many can be temporary.
  • Evaluate before committing: You can evaluate talent without committing to full-time employment and benefits packages. If one temp isn't working out, you can look to another. A South Florida hiring agency works as your HR department in this case, vetting ideal employees that you may hire down the road after a temp period.


What are some of the cons related to hiring temp employees?

  • Training repetitively: Every time you get someone new, you may need to train them. This can be solved by bringing a temp back  or looking at a temp as temp-to-hire. Nonetheless, if you hire temps regularly, you'll have to assume some time for training.
  • Safety concerns: Temp workers should be monitored more closely in terms of following safety guidelines and protocols. This is partly because of that training gap. They don't know the way your procedures work and will need to acclimate. This means not overwhelming them, as well as regular reminders as to your safety rules.


So long as you can efficiently manage temp workers, and their learning process can be embraced as part of hiring them, the pros often outweigh the cons. Working with a reliable South Florida hiring agency can help you be sure you employ temps within the law with proper worker status and eligibility. Learn more about Labor For Hire


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