Tips for Increasing Employee Productivity

Tips for Increasing Employee Productivity

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We focus a great deal on employee productivity at Labor for Hire. We supply skilled and unskilled labor that has to be ready to hit the ground running. We're proud of our ability to spot the most efficient and direct workers. Beyond this, there are additional ways that employee productivity among temporary employees can be capitalized on.

Download a Checklist for Hiring a Labor Staffing Agency | Labor for HireClear Communication: Communicating with workers means being direct and concise when giving instructions. Make sure it goes both ways. When workers encounter a problem and need to notify you, take their concerns seriously.

If they're giving you too much information, make sure you ask them to be more concise. If they're being confusing, or they think you're being confusing, don't focus on misunderstanding – calmly cut to the chase of what they need from you or you need from them.

OSHA Trained Workers: Make sure employees have the proper training. We make sure you get the OSHA trained workers you need so they already have the basics covered before Day One at your business. By providing OSHA trained workers on our end, and offering additional training opportunities beyond this, we can help cover those requirements you're looking for which are most difficult to find.

Socializing is Important: Don't cut small talk between your workers too much. It's a key way that workers become acclimated to each other. Newer employees and temporary employees will ask more relevant questions and learn faster if they feel comfortable with their co-workers. The way to do this is to talk as they work and on breaks. Increased comfort builds trust, and that makes the workplace safer. It also brings newer employees up to speed much more quickly.

Compliment Workers: Don't give empty compliments. Focus on the work they do. If they exceed expectations, let them know this. A worker who feels appreciated won't be so quick to become upset or frustrated. They'll be willing to tackle problems more confidently. Among temporary workers, compliments help them feel as if they're taken seriously. This aids in their being direct and concise with their communication.

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