Top Five Construction Skills In Demand Now

Top Five Construction Skills In Demand Now

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The need for skilled labor in the construction industry in Florida only continues to grow. Thanks to a huge demand for help with new building projects, there’s plenty of pressure on the industry to keep the labor pool full, and construction companies are having increasing difficulty filling job vacancies. That shortage means great things for those in the industry. Every year, hundreds of thousands of jobs are added, and if you have the skills a company needs, you can bet you’ll find a great position. What types of skilled labor do Florida construction companies need the most right now? Anyone who can fill these top five positions should have a job waiting!

Types of Skilled Labor Needed NOW!

  1. Laborers: If you don’t yet have a certification, but you’re ready to get started in the industry, construction teams are always looking for laborers. The industry expects this job listing to grow extensively over the next decade, and with a fairly high annual median wage, there are lots of benefits to considering this job. 
  2. Glaziers: Nothing spells modern design beauty like glass, and glaziers are busy these days creating glass walls both on the interior and exterior of buildings. While many glaziers have attended extensive certification courses, those pay off, as the need for glaziers is growing quickly and the salary is amazing. 
  3. Masons: Masons have been part of the construction process for thousands of years, and the need for this specialized skilled labor isn’t going anywhere in the near future. These professionals create the foundation of nearly every building project today, and many of them design the hardscaping around the project as well. Thousands of new masonry jobs are popping up on a regular basis, and while it’s fairly demanding work, it also pays off with a high average annual salary. 
  4. Electricians: Responsible for all of the systems in a given structure that rely on electricity including lighting systems, electricians are in high demand because they not only have the ability to design and install the perfect residential or commercial system, but they can also keep the system up to code or repair existing systems. It’s fairly dangerous work, which is why all electricians are carefully trained, but it pays quite well on the job site, and many construction companies are on the lookout for a reliable electrician they can count on from job to job.  
  5. Construction Managers: Construction managers typically have a full plate on any site, as they’re responsible for hiring new team members, getting the right permits, keeping clients in the loop, and resolving any problems on-site. Perhaps that’s why they’re in such high demand on so many projects today. With a high annual salary, most companies today are looking for experienced construction members with the right training and organizational skills to take on the role within their company, and often once you’ve done a great job for a team once, they’ll look to you to lead other projects in the future. 

Many industries faced challenges this year, but the world of construction certainly didn’t. In fact, in Florida, this industry will only continue to grow, as will the demand for new skilled workers. Let us help you connect with your next job.

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