What Trades are Going to Be in Demand in 2022?

What Trades are Going to Be in Demand in 2022?

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Skilled trades are one of the hottest growing careers right now, and that trend is likely to continue well into 2022. If you’re considering a career move, the single best thing you could do for your own happiness and your budget is to consider the skilled trades. 

Tradespeople tend to report higher job satisfaction rates as well as higher than average incomes than many others, and that could mean a career in the skilled trades is perfect for you. Which trades in demand may hold the key to your future? Check out a few of the hottest trades in demand 2022 is likely to offer. 

trades in demand in 2022


Working as an electrician means you’ll be responsible for the installation and repair of any power system in any building or outdoor facility around the country, and the pay here is stunning. The median pay alone is $56,900 per year, but the top ten percent of electricians make almost double that. 

This career is in demand like few other skilled trades. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics has cited this as one of its top in-demand trades over the next ten years, and there are lots of great job training programs available that pay you while you’re learning the career itself. 

HVAC Technicians: 

Installing and servicing HVAC systems either on a residential or commercial level is a great way to get started in the skilled trades. The median pay for those in the field is $50,590, and the number of technicians needed is growing fast. 

As with many other trades, you’ll need to complete a job training program and an apprenticeship to get started, but once you’ve done so, you can work for a variety of different contractors or even open your own shop!

Medical Assistant: 

The need for medical professionals is growing fast, and most surveys have found that this field is going to grow by nearly 20% in the next ten years. Medical assistants work with hospitals and doctor’s offices to complete a number of both administrative and clinical tasks. 

Essentially, you ensure the doctors and nurses in any space can focus more on patient care than paperwork. The median pay for assistants is $35,850, and often only two years of training are needed to be successful in this career field. 

Health Information Technicians: 

If you’re great with data and computers, this might be the perfect career for you. The job outlook for those in this career field is a strong one, so you can expect that you’ll always have a spot in a great health system if you train to join this growing field. 

Health information technicians generally spend their days at the computer logging data, responding to data requests, and tracking treatment and follow-up on various patients. The median pay is $45,240, and the training needed to become part of this field is fairly minimal.

Computer Support Specialists: 

Good at helping others solve their technology issues? You may be the perfect person to be a computer support specialist. In this job, you can work for all kinds of organizations from big companies to smaller organizations that just need a bit of technology help. Sometimes you can even work from home. 

The number of people needed in this career field grows as the amount of technology in the business world continues to grow, so you can expect this to be a hot job well into the years to come. The median pay for those in this field is $55,510, and while you will need some training and certification to enter the field, it’s well worth your time. 

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