What Are Transferable Skills in Construction?

What Are Transferable Skills in Construction?

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When you learn and hone your skills in construction, it is not job-specific. Sure, you may need to learn specific tasks or procedures for certain projects, but by and large, the “tools” you carry on this job apply to many others. They transfer to other roles and industries, allowing you to expand your career options and take advantage of new and different opportunities.

Transferable Skills Checklist 

Which skills in construction jobs can you take with you anywhere? 


  • Physical strength and endurance. Brain power is the number one asset on a construction job, but there is no doubt that you need strength and stamina. This can serve you well in any job with a physical component, from lineman to healthcare professional to firefighter. 


  • Ability to work as part of a team. Every job under the sun (even those that are remote) require teamwork of one kind or another. As a construction worker, you are used to working as part of a well oiled machine.


  • Problem-solving skills. Even the most well-planned project can encounter hiccups and hidden difficulties. You have to use your knowledge, experience, and ingenuity to come up with solutions - often immediately and in the midst of stressful situations. 


  • Communication. When you work in the construction field, you have to be able to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively. Project completion - and lives - depend on it. This is a transferable skill that is much in demand. 


  • Technological know-how. Construction workers regularly use technology to help facilitate the orderly running of job sites. From onsite communication tools to ordering, invoicing, and job tracking, you can put these skills to work in other areas.


  • Willingness -and ability - to learn continually. The trades are constantly evolving, and you need to keep up with changes in building science, techniques, methods, materials, and more. The desire to stay up to date and the ability to integrate - and apply - new knowledge is a critical job skill.


Skills in construction apply to many other job opportunities. And vice-versa. If you have worked in other areas but have honed the skills we’ve mentioned above, you may be a great fit on a construction site! If you are looking for new opportunities, contact Labor for Hire today

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