Types of Skills That Are in Demand in 2021

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2020 was a tough year for nearly every industry. The COVID-19 pandemic led to millions of job losses, the closing of thousands of businesses, and massive unemployment across industry lines. Today, though, things are slowly starting to improve, and that’s as true in the construction industry as it is anywhere else. 

Most construction companies will tell you that they just can’t find skilled workers anywhere, and the demand for those skilled labor personnel is only going to grow in the next few years. What types of skilled labor are in demand right now? Take a look: 

General Construction Workers

General construction workers are needed almost everywhere. That may include skilled trades in housing, masonry, carpentry, and bricklayer specialists. All over the nation, there is an urgent demand for these skilled construction workers. The government has invested a large amount of money to improve the infrastructure of the bridges, buildings, roads, and railways. 

As a result, workers skilled in masonry, pipefitting, paving, road construction, bridge building, and roofers are needed. The salary for general construction workers starts at around $37K but those with experience can expect to earn over $50K a year. 

Equipment Operators

Equipment operators are necessary for almost all types of construction work. These skilled workers operate drive dump trucks, excavators, asphalt pavers, steer graders, heavy-duty cranes, and much more. With construction on the rebound almost everywhere, equipment operators are one of the most sought skilled laborers

However, to work as an equipment operator you need a valid license, be physically fit, have good technical knowledge, be able to problem-solve, and have excellent hand-eye coordination. Salaries for equipment operators start at $48K but those with experience can expect to earn close to $70K a year. 

Solar Panel Installation Expert

Solar energy is fast becoming an option not only in homes but in many commercial businesses too. Solar energy is preferred today as it is eco-friendly and more sustainable. Installation of solar panels is fast catching on in many states where there is sun all year round, as is the case in Florida. 

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that the need for solar panel installers will continue to grow by more than 100% in just the next 5 years, resulting in over 12,000 new jobs. Training in solar panel installation and apprenticeship requires at least a year of your time. The median salary for these skilled laborers is about $45K but those with experience can expect to earn over $57K a year. 



Electricians have always been in high demand because they play a vital role in almost any type of residential or commercial development. Electricians have many responsibilities including being up to date on the codes, designing lighting systems, installing lights, and maintaining electrical systems in commercial and residential buildings. 

The job of an electrician is somewhat dangerous and a high level of training is required. Besides technical school training, a 1-2 year apprenticeship is necessary. Starting pay for electricians starts at about $58K and can go as high as $75K a year. 


The need for plumbers is also on the rise. Without a plumber, many jobs just can’t be completed. Almost every commercial building and home needs running water and hence the need for plumbers is necessary. But plumbers do much more than just stopping leaks in the home; they develop plans for pipes and fixtures and ensure that the sinks, bathtubs, and showers work properly. 

Plumbers have always been in short supply. To become a plumber does require technical training and a solid understanding of physics, math, and chemistry. The Bureau of Labor anticipates a 16% growth in plumbing in the next 5 years. The median salary for plumbers starts at around $55K but those with experience can easily earn over $80K a year. 

Skilled Labor Has Never Been In Higher Demand

Whether you are just completing your training as a skilled worker or are already experienced, rest assured the construction industry is growing. There are plenty of jobs in almost every sector of the industry in almost every state- so you can pick and choose. The more experience you have, the higher the salary.