What Skills Do You Need to Work in Construction?

What Skills Do You Need to Work in Construction?

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Most who work in the field understand that there are specific construction skills related to the industry, such as carpentry, masonry, painting, drywall, and electrical.  However, there are many skills that would look great when worked into your resume, which are not quite so specific, but still very much in demand.

Do you have the skills to work in construction? Whether you are looking for entry level work, or you just want to give your resume a boost, consider which of the following belongs in your list of qualifications.

Physical Prowess 

Are you a weightlifter?  Do you run long distances or participate in races throughout the year? Demonstrating that you are able to withstand heavy lifting and that you have great endurance will make you appear a very attractive candidate

In many areas of construction, the job requires a lot of physicality.  Equipment is often heavy and bulky.  Ladders are often a job requirement.  Even just wielding a painter’s roller on an extender can require daily endurance.  So, be sure to list those hobbies that show off your athletic ability.

Eye-Hand Coordination 

Do you enjoy gymnastics, dance, or martial arts?  It’s worth mentioning.  If a previous job required you to spend long hours on your feet, that, too, would be a good thing to mention in your cover letter.  You may be required to read small gauges, man tape measures, move nimbly up and down a ladder, and even operate heavy equipment with touchy controls.  Construction skills often require good eyesight, hand-eye-coordination, dexterity, and the ability to be on your feet for most of the day.  

Experience with Power Tools 

Maybe you don’t have in-the-field experience, but don’t fail to mention that you enjoy a woodworking hobby, that you remodeled your own kitchen, or that you have helped friends build decks.  The goal is to make it understood that there is a general understanding of power tools and manual labor.

Interest in Mathematics 

Were you the first to arrive at the correct answer in math class?  Did you major in science or mathematics in school? Do you enjoy doing number puzzles in your free time?  If you are answering yes, then you should definitely make mention of this area of interest on your resume.  

Math skills are very highly regarded in the construction field.  There is often the need for mathematics in the field – measuring angles, using a tape measure, making cuts, and determining square footage or volume.


If you have a history in public speaking, if you have been asked to make presentations in the past, if you excel in writing, or if you have a degree in communications or English, be sure to tout those skills.  Communication is essential to most industries, and construction is no exception.  There is often the need to read reports, instruction manuals, respond to emails, and to speak with other professionals onsite. 

These are just a few of the construction skills that would be beneficial onsite.  Do you have the skills to work in construction?  Be sure to carefully consider what you’ve done in the past and how that might translate to a strength in the field of construction before submitting your resume.

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