Where Can I Find Construction Laborers?

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How can you find construction laborers? It requires more than just posting to a generic jobs board. Postings get lost on those kinds of boards, and the replies you get from them will not always be to your standard. What should you do? Look for more specific answers, and work with construction labor recruiters who can tailor your search:

Specialized Job Boards

Obviously, you'll find construction workers by looking at job boards related to the industry. This is the most basic step for refining your search. There's less general traffic here, and postings stay visible to interested and qualified applicants much longer.


Get a recommendation. This is one of the best ways to find construction laborers. Ask former employees if they know anyone interested. Some former employees might bite on the opportunity, but even if they don't, chances are they've worked with someone with experience who'll be interested. Remember that many employees have worked for multiple businesses – that means they have extensive social reach to other potential employees.


Another good way of doing this is through referrals. Your own employees might be hesitant to ask others. They're tired at the end of the day. Asking them to do recruiting for your company when they're off the clock isn't fair. Create an employee referral program that incentivizes them (e.g., bonuses).

This encourages employees to talk up your business to other potential hires, and to send qualified hires your way. It doesn't just increase your applicant pool, it also makes potential hires much more likely to come work for you – after all, their friends who already work there are working hard to get them hired.

Construction Labor Recruiters

This is the most powerful hiring tool you have at your disposal. Construction labor recruiters will work wide regions, and they'll have a deep knowledge of the applicant pool you're trying to attract.

If you don’t have a recruiting or HR department, construction labor recruiters are experts on whom you can call. They're data driven; they can provide you objective assessments of applicants' histories; they can ensure applicants have the right training and certifications; they check references and verify work histories; and they can handle the administrative side of hiring for you. They will also whittle down the applicants who aren't worth your time and only send the best 'finalists' for interviews with you. They can handle the paperwork of hiring and on-boarding.

This all saves you mountains of time, so you can get to interviews and your decision-making as efficiently as possible. That saves you time, money, and the focus you need to devote to the everyday operations of your business.

If you are struggling to find construction laborers, reach out to the experts: Labor for Hire will help you find the people who will keep your business going - and growing - forward.

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