Which Skilled Trades are Most in Demand?

Which Skilled Trades are Most in Demand?

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These days, you hear a lot about the power of college. The reality, though, is that a college education isn’t for everyone. For many people, entering the skilled trades is the perfect way to make a great living without college. In fact, there are a number of skilled trade jobs in demand right now that could be a perfect fit for you

Why Consider a Skilled Trade?

There are several reasons you may want to consider a career within a skilled trade. Maybe the most important is the fact that learning a trade doesn’t mean long hours in the classroom. With skilled trade training, you get real-world experience immediately, and much of the learning you do is on the job. As a member of a skilled trade, you can directly become an apprentice, working on projects and earning your certifications as you go. It’s a fairly fast process, too, typically taking just half the time typical college degrees require. 

For many, though, it’s about the financial impact becoming a skilled tradesperson could have on your life. According to ZipRecruiter, the average skilled tradesperson makes at least $44,289 per year. Choosing one of the skilled trades that are most in-demand could spell a much higher paycheck. Many skilled tradespeople make as much as $75,000 per year. 

The best part? There’s currently a huge need for tradespeople across Florida. Because so many tradespeople are retiring, opportunities are consistently opening, and if you have the skills and training, you can expect plenty of opportunities over the next few years as well as solid job security over your lifetime. 


The Five Skilled Trades in Demand in Florida Now

Which jobs need the most skilled tradespeople right now in the state of Florida? Take a look. 

  1. Electricians: 

Becoming an electrician means being responsible for the installation and maintenance of almost anything that requires power. That could mean you work in the booming construction industry, developing the infrastructure that will ensure people have power in their homes or it could mean you work in a maintenance capacity for a plant, a corporation, or almost any other entity. 

The need for electricians is massive right now, and if you choose, every day can be completely different. You may spend one day working outside and another day working inside. The national median wage for electricians is nearly $26/hour, but as you train and begin to work with other companies, you can expect to see a much higher paycheck. 

  1. Welders: 

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, thousands of welding job openings exist across the state of Florida, and that number is expected to grow in the coming years. Welders earn an average of just over $41,000 per year, but that number tends to grow as you gain experience in the industry. Most importantly, there’s an experience to be gained. 

The key trade group in this industry, the American Welding Society, believes the shortage of welders across the United States will swell to nearly 450,000 workers over the next year, and given the sheer amount of construction in Florida, it’s likely to get a solid share of those jobs. 

  1. Brick Masons:

 These professionals are key players in Florida’s construction industry. Using bricks, concrete, and concrete blocks, they create a variety of commercial and residential structures. It’s a physically demanding profession, but most masons absolutely love it. 

The average annual pay for brock masons is $47,710, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, and the job outlook is great throughout Florida. As with most skilled trades, brick masons tend to learn on the job through an apprenticeship, so you can expect to begin earning as soon as you start learning with a career like this one. 

  1. Plumbers: 

While many people think of plumbing jobs as confined to bathtubs and toilets, the reality is that this is a complex field. Sure, you may install plumbing fixtures in residential spaces or repair fixtures, remove obstructions, and handle pipe repair, but you can also expect to work with gas systems and a variety of other piping systems in homes and commercial facilities across the state of Florida. 

Plumbers, on average, make $56,330 per year according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, and the job outlook is incredible for this trade. It’s growing quickly, so you can be certain this is a job that offers quite a bit of security in the state. 

  1. HVAC Technicians:

There were close to five thousand openings for HVAC technicians over the last year in Florida, and many believe that number will continue to grow over time. The average annual wage here is $42,260, and training programs are widely available. 

HVAC technicians handle all of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems in both homes and commercial spaces. While some choose to specialize in installation or repair, others simply choose the right job at the right time. It’s a growing career field that promises lots of opportunities throughout the state. 

We’ll Connect You with the Right Opportunity

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