Why Choose Temporary Labor Staffing Solutions?

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According to the National Association for Business Economics, 35% of businesses suffer from a shortage of skilled laborers. At a time when production and manufacturing jobs account for a quarter of temporary jobs in the United States, temporary labor staffing solutions is the best way to hire skilled workers.

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Construction jobs are also unevenly distributed. Nearly 200,000 construction jobs in the U.S. go unfilled. Some places have a surplus of workers and some areas have a shortage. This means that many companies have to cast a much wider net to hire skilled workers with the right training, qualifications, and experience.

Expanding Your Hiring Capabilities

With Florida looking at post-hurricane construction efforts in the next few years, it's safe to say that businesses and contractors will be scrambling to find qualified candidates for many skilled roles. Temporary labor staffing solutions enable businesses to scale up as contracts necessitate.

A staffing company can also cast that wide net for you. Many construction and repair businesses don't have human resources departments of their own. An experienced partner can fill this role, vetting candidates, securing them additional training, and giving you the best fits for your needs.

Greater Flexibility

Because you can employ for set amounts of time, you don't have to worry about parting ways with full-time workers. Temp skilled laborers know that a job is temporary. It may be seasonal or only through the duration of a contract. This means there's less bad blood or disappointed expectations. Instead, businesses and skilled laborers often form relationships as part of a network, further enabling each to stay in touch and hire when needed.

Hire skilled workers through temporary labor staffing solutions and you'll enjoy far more flexibility to take on new contracts, and far more accuracy in finding the right skilled candidates for the positions you need.